Running a Business from Home May 12 2016

My studio is a live/work loft, an open-plan room that is half work studio, half home to myself, my partner, and our nine year old Chihuahua. It's got it's perks - I can work whenever I want - and it's drawbacks - it's hard to physically separate myself from my workspace - but economically, it makes the most sense for me right now. After working from home everyday for the past 2 1/2 years, I've got a lot to say on the subject.

Check out this article that I've been quoted in by The Hip Horticulturalist, Running a business from a garden shed or log cabin. Those shed and cabin folks have it easy! I wish I had a space that was more delineated between living and working spaces.

"We get a lot of customers purchasing garden sheds and log cabins to then transform into a home office.

As working from home is such a huge jump for anyone to make, we’ve contacted some accomplished business owners and entrepreneurs who do work from home to gain some top tips on how to do it successfully." continue reading here