Best Nine of 2016!

At year's end, there's an app that will go through all your Instagram posts for the year and pull out the ones that your followers liked the most. These are mine! Want to see more? Follow along on my Instagram @loominationstudio. Keep reading for details on each image!

1. My new studio in Westminster, MA! In July, my boyfriend got a new job in central MA, and we started house hunting shortly after. It was a longer process than we thought it would be, but by the end of October we had closed on our new home! We had some cleaning and repairs and painting to do and it was right before my biggest show of the year, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, so we didn't move in until mid-November! My new studio is the front bedroom of our antique farmhouse, overlooking the street, so I can see all the goings on in our tiny mountain town.

2. A new shipment came in of my Loomination tags. These woven logo tags are individually sewn in to each piece I make!

3. Custom lavender sachets for the Philadelphia Museum of Art Museum Stores. I created these sachets for the special exhibitions museum store, for the exhibition Embracing the Contemporary: The Keith L. and Katherine Sachs Collection. They were inspired by modern art pieces in the collection, specifically the Ellsworth Kelly paintings.

4. Yarn organization in my new studio!

5. Giant stack of bamboo scarves. Working with bamboo is a lot like working with cotton, but once the finished cloth is wet finished - washed and dried - it transforms itself into an amazing silky shiny piece with incredible drape.

6. Tea towels on the loom! I love looking at the accumulation of fabric on my cloth beam, which shows the progress I've made for the day.

7. Tea towel pyramid at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. I display my tea towels with samples on a rack and then I package up the rest of them like this for customers to take home.

8. A Loomination image made it's way onto this entryway graphic at CraftBoston Holiday! Look in the bottom right for the tea towel with blueberries.

9. A finished pile of Loomination tea towels ready to package and send off to their new homes!

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