"Relax" Day 10 of the March Meet the Maker Challenge March 10 2018

This March Meet the Maker challenge has been tough to keep up with! As an introvert, I’m not a fan of meeting new people, big gatherings, or social media in general. I love to share what I do, which is why I’m on Instagram, but there’s a reason why I spend all day, every day working alone.

Living in the woods, I spend most of my off time hiking, trail running, skiiing, or laying in my hammock. I’m also a huge fan of yard work and can’t wait for spring! Basically anything, as long as I’m outside.

Here’s a quick photo from this morning, which I took to show just how sad our puppy was looking in his backpack while we were out snowshoeing. We also built a snowman in the woods! I wonder if anyone else will ever see it.