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The Loomination Studio

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My current studio, in our home in Westminster, is the third official studio I've had and it's definitely my favorite! My studio has evolved over the years, as I've added new equipment and grown my collections of yarn and other supplies. I've always had a corner of my apartment that I could work in, ever since I finished grad school and actually had the time to work on creative things. My first official studio was when I moved from Boston to Lowell, a couple of years before I founded Loomination. It was in Appleton Mills, a gigantic former textile mill...

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New Loomination Tags!

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Since I started Loomination in 2013, each piece has had a logo tag sewn in. They are tags that I had custom embroidered that I sew on to the back of each piece. I ordered the same tags a few times, until last November, when I decided it was time for a change! The tags take a little bit of time to sew in and they add stitching that is visible on the front side of the piece. I spent some time designing a double-sided fold-over tag. It took a lot of back and forth with my supplier, but I...

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