2017: A Year in Review December 31 2017

A review of the top nine Instagram posts on my profile @loominationstudio. These are the favorite posts liked by my followers in 2017. Come on over to Instagram to see updates from Loomination each day and keep on reading for a summary of each image.

1. Proposal at the loom! My Instagram followers were as excited that I was that my fiance proposed! We're planning our wedding for May 2018.

2. Giant selection of handwoven bamboo scarves! A close up of the scarves on my display at Crafts at Purchase, in Purchase, NY at SUNY Purchase in October 2017.

3. Photo taken by Kind Goods, a shop in Maynard, MA, of their new shipment of Loomination scarves.

4. And even more scarves! This photo was taken in my studio, while I was sewing tags into the scarves

5. Another one from Crafts at Purchase! This one is of my corner booth, which was a bit of a challenge to design, since I very rarely set up my space in a corner. But I love my indoor booth display, especially my awesome fake wood floor.

6. AND MORE SCARVES! It's a bit ironic how much love my scarves have gotten on Instagram, since they are the pieces I spend the least amount of time making. I'm almost always making my home decor pieces. Maybe 2018 will be the year to start designing new scarves! This photo was taken in February at NY NOW at the Javits Center

7. A section of my booth at the Central Pennsylvania Arts Festival in State College, PA in July. With a huge display of my newly designed pillows!

8. Another one from Kind Goods, Maynard! This photo shows their display of my work, which first landed on their shelves back in September.

9. The OFFICIAL shot of my new studio in Westminster, MA! This one was taken after my studio was finally all set up, with all the boxes unpacked, the curtains hung, and all the art on the walls.