The Loomination Studio March 06 2018

My current studio, in our home in Westminster, is the third official studio I've had and it's definitely my favorite! My studio has evolved over the years, as I've added new equipment and grown my collections of yarn and other supplies.

I've always had a corner of my apartment that I could work in, ever since I finished grad school and actually had the time to work on creative things. My first official studio was when I moved from Boston to Lowell, a couple of years before I founded Loomination. It was in Appleton Mills, a gigantic former textile mill converted into small loft-style apartments. I was living alone, so it made it feasible for me to use the living space as a studio.

After spending a couple of years in Appleton Mills, I moved to the Western Avenue Lofts with my fiance. Just a month later, I founded Loomination and became a full-time artisan. A former tannery, Western Avenue consists of two buildings, one with workspaces that host 250 artists and the other, 50 live/work lofts. Our loft was gigantic, at 1500 square feet it was larger than the house we now call home. It was perfect as a workspace, with lots of natural light and expansive 15 foot ceilings, but it was difficult to live in. With concrete floors that were part of the original mill, they had nails sticking out and old stains and never, ever came clean. Without walls, there was no privacy and it was hard to relax when both the living space and the bedroom overlooked the workspace. The best part of living at Western Avenue was the amazing and supportive community of artists, many of whom I now count as my friends.

After a few years at Western Avenue, we moved to Westminster, in central Massachusetts in the Worcester hills. Living at the base of Mount Wachusett, we are in the middle of the woods, in a tiny mountain town that is mostly state forest. My studio space, our second bedroom, is a little bit on the small side for the kind of work I do, but it's wonderful to be able to shut the door at the end of the workday and to have an entire house to come home to.