Loomination on the Cultivations Blog December 28 2017

Cultivations is a carefully curated collection of handmade goods. They have been representing Loomination on their website for over a year and I have been honored to be a part of such a vibrant, inspiring group of artisans. Holly, the founder of Cultivations, recently visited my studio and featured it on the Cultivations blog.

It's a beautiful, bright sunny day when we make the trip to visit weaver Leanne Tremblay at her home studio.

We couldn't have planned a better day for a long drive through rural Massachusetts. Every bend in the long, winding country roads serves to settle us into our new surroundings - a welcome departure from the busy streets of Boston, where we started our drive. Finally, as we wind our way toward the foot of Mount Wachusett, we reach Leanne's Westminster, Massachusetts home, nestled back from the street.

Read the full blog post here, on Cultivations.

New Pillow Designs! July 21 2017

Finally time for a new design! I spend most of my time making and remaking the same designs, so it's a rare occasion that I get to try something new. I've had this particular pillow design on my mind for the last few months, since I made one for my bed back in January, when I had a bit of spare warp on my loom.

Pillow weaving in progress in hunter green. After weaving, I removed the fabric from the loom, washed and dried it to preshrink, and sewed a hidden YKK zipper inside. The pillow insert can be quickly removed and the pillow cover can be thrown right in the washer and dryer for easy cleaning.

Finished pillows on display at the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts, in State College, PA last week! I really love how they came out, but I'm already coming up for improvements for my next batch. I also have a few new designs that I can't wait to try out, so stay tuned for lots more pillows!